Jonnychipz Weekly # 19 – Thank You

Week 19 of my Jonnychipz weekly VLOG Live at 12.30pm GMT 07.05.21. on my YouTube channel (Click the link below!)

This has been a tough week for me and my family due to the sad loss of my beautiful mum,

I felt that I needed to air my thoughts and feelings and say Thank You, there is no Cloud Computing content in this weeks video. This video is to express my gratitude of Thanks I have for everything my mum has done for me and her grandkids and wider family. As well as a thank you to everyone for your support during this sad time me and my family are working through.

Jonnychipz Weekly # 19 – Thank You – 07.05.2021

May be an image of Marilyn Lunn, sitting, flower and outdoors
RIP Marilyn Lunn – My Mum xxx 1951-2021

I love you mum….

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