Jonnychipz – In Conversation with Saiman Shetty

Join John Lunn aka Jonnychipz as he chats with Technical Programme Manager for Robotics and Self Driving Car Projects Mr Saiman Shetty

This episode of Jonnychipz In Conversation with’ will be released on Azureish Live ( and its a great episode that you can’t miss! Join us at 6.30pm (GMT) on Friday 19th March 2021

Saiman has worked for companies such as Tesla and Lyft and joins me to discuss the future of Robotics and in particular Self Driving Vehicles. We discuss the age of robots taking over the world through to the hardware, software and the ethics surrounding such cutting edge developments.

This is a really insightful chat and a huge thanks to Saiman for his time!

I do hope you enjoy the episode as much as I did chatting with Saiman. If you missed it go out live over on Azureish, then you can catch the replay on my YouTube channel below.

Useful Links:

If you cant make the live stream then you can catch the replay here (goes live Friday 19th March @ 7.30pm):

In Conversation with Saiman ShettyMarch 2021

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