In Conversation with… Peter Gallagher

In this episode I am joined by the amazing Peter Gallagher, Author, Speaker, Programmer, MVP and MCT.

We talk IoT and the democratisation and how the barriers to entry for learning have fallen over the years and how you can get up and running with IoT within minutes!

Peter guides us all through some amazing hints tips and tricks that I have no doubt will invoke your passion into the world of IoT.

We discuss, Azure IoT, Microbits, Arduinos, Raspberry Pi, Robot Arms and more!!

I really enjoyed this talk and thank you to Peter for such a fascinating insight into the spectacular world that is IoT!

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In Conversation with Peter GallagherJan 2021

Useful links:

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Raspberry Pi Simulator:

Pluralsight Courses:

AZ-220 Exam:


PJG Creations:


Notts IoT:

Dot NET Notts:

Notts Dev Workshop:

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