Books I’ve Read – Artificial Intelligence (Insights You Need from Harvard Business Review)

Being a relative newbie in the world of AI, I have immersed myself with as many articles / books and writings outside of the Microsoft view, so that when I use the AI tools built into Azure I have a better contextual understanding of them.

This Harvard Business Review of AI is a very good overview of some fundamental concepts, aimed at the tech savvy professional looking to understand what AI means to their business.

This book starts off by outlining the current state of AI in the relation to business before it then splits into 4 sections that look at the fundamental concepts and principles of AI:

  • Understanding AI and Machine Learning
  • Adopting AI
  • AI and the Future of Work
  • The Future of AI

The book is a conglomerate of articles and chapters filed into one of the above 4 sections written by 18 contributors. You get a broad view of AI in the workplace, what big tech use AI for and how they implement and develop with AI. The book describes and poses a series of questions that are insightful for non technical business owners to ask themselves in order to grasp how AI can benefit.

The writers move into the realms of assessing how to choose your first AI project and what to look for in terms of success before philosophising over the impact AI will have on businesses in the immediate short term, before posing a very intereting thought experiment around how AI may change a business model in the terms of what it might mean for Amazon as its example.

A compelling read from start to finish that gives a great overview and understanding of the questions any business should be posing to itself to understand what potential AI has within your business.

I got through the books 170+ pages in around 2 hours and read this in one sitting but for a few interruptions from the kids!! Highly recommended read if you are in the early stages of trying to properly understand AI in the context of business.

This book suggests that ‘Companies that don’t use AI will soon be obsolete!’

Click the link below to buy from Amazon for your kindle or click here for a hardcopy:

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