Day[1/100] #100DaysOfCloud – Jonnychipz is giving it a whirl!

Hi All, Ok so this is something a little different for you.

I’m an avid watcher of Scott Hanselman’s Azure Friday Videos and recently he interviewed Gwyneth Peña last week and they were talking about how to become a Cloud Engineer and discussing tips and tricks.

100DaysOfCloud was discussed as a way of bringing Cloud IT Pro’s technical knowledge from the typical Level 100/200 into a 300/400 level over a period of 100 days by learning something new!

Now I’m by no means a novice in the area of cloud, but equally like everything there is always something new to learn, so I thought this was a fantastic way to push yourself as a Cloud Technologist! So I thought I would give it a whirl!

There are many areas of the Cloud that I am actively studying for, the reality is that as Cloud IT Pros there is so so so many different areas to learn about and concepts to master the whole #techintensity vibe that has been amongst us for a number of years is only set to increase! So in the true spirit of drinking from the waterfall of knowledge I thought it would be an interesting way to structure some of the areas I’m learning about at the moment as well as helping put that knowledge back out into the community!


The website can be visited for more information:

Here you will find how to sign up, find the GitHub repo and clone it to your local PC with Git and use VSCode to edit your Journey tracker.

So this is my Day[1/100] of #100DaysOfCloud and I’m now all set up and ready to go!

My Main ReadMe Page is all set up with a bit about me!

The guys at 100DaysofCloud have set up the GitHub repo to be cloned and also have a great repo containing ideas and areas to collaborate on:

My Github Journey tracker can be found here:

Please Watch/Star my repo and feel free to comment of contribute to anything I push! I really look forward to hearing from anyone who is going to jump on the journey around the same time as me! Lets see where I get to in 100 days!

I would encourage others to jump on this journey, I’m not sure that I will be able to commit every day for 100 days, but as long as I can complete 100 days that will be great!

One thought on “Day[1/100] #100DaysOfCloud – Jonnychipz is giving it a whirl!

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