Books I’ve Read – You Look Like a Thing and I love you – Janelle Shane

Well what can I say, and fun, humorous and learned introduction to Artificial Intelligence and its weirdness.

Janelle Shane has composed a brilliant representation covering an overview of core concepts of AI and its training, but does brilliantly well explaining how to look out for and keep an eye on your AI model in terms of bias and why AI may not act in the desired way us humans might expect.

A great read over a couple of days, 250+ pages split over 10 chapters, the author poses questions from the basics of what AI is, and what it most certainly is not! Through to describing how we train AI’s and how they learn, where AI breaks down and more importantly why with some interesting twists and turns!

Descriptions on the differences of Artificial General Intelligence and Artificial Narrow Intelligence and why ANI is better suited in todays world. This book will have you glued to its humorous anecdotal experimentation from the author in which she describes some unintended but funny out comes of AI and its weirdness. For those of you who have already read this book, I managed this entire article without mentioning Giraffes once! oops!

A great book, well worth a read though, also, follow the author Janelle Shane on Twitter @JanelleCShane, and website:

Click this link to buy on Amazon:

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