Welsh Azure User Group November 2022 Meet Up!

It was the day of our Welsh Azure User Group #WAUG November 2022 meet up and we had yet another two amazing speakers join us with Marcel Lupo to talk us about Github, Terraform and Dependabot and how to perform testing of Terraform code in Pipelines. Then we had the amazing Liji Thomas on to discuss creating Apps that can understand our users with Azure AI

6.30pm – Welcome and House Keeping

6.45pm – Marcel Lupo – Github, Terraform and Dependabot – A Real World Example

7.30pm – Liji Thomas – Building Apps that understand your users using Azure AI

8.15pm – Quiz Time

8.30pm – Event End

The evening went superbly and we had great engagement thank you to all that attended!

A recording can be found on my YouTube Channel – CloudTalk with Jonnychipz

Thanks to all the speakers and to all the attendees!

Slide Decks can be found at our Git Hub Repo:


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Next Event – 16th November 2022

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