When Ops Meets Dev – Introduction

So Hi everyone and welcome to this first introduction video of a brand new live stream that will be kicking off from the 1st April 2022

Join me, Jonny based in the UK where I will be joined by the awesome Robbie over in the USA (wave) and Swamy who is based in India (wave) from 1st April over on YouTube for a one hour live stream twice per month where we will attempt to Architect and Build a Cloud Native e-commerce solution on Microsoft Azure in this truly global developer series!

This series is called When Ops Meets Dev and will aim to help us navigate the process of developing an ecommerce solution and deploying and scaling to a production system with all the other Ops trimmings needed to succeed!

Sure we will be hitting problems and we will be learning new tech as we progress with this development, we will be exploring and comparing different approaches, but mainly we will be learning and having a lot of fun!

Watch us live and join in on the comments in real time on this live stream over on www.youtube.com/CloudTalkwithJonnychipz from 1st April

RSVP to the First Live Stream: https://www.meetup.com/MSFT-Stack/events/284754535/

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