Jonnychipz – In Conversation with John Lunn – Celebrating 1 Year of #InConvoWith

In this one off special Celebrating an entire year of #InConvoWith episodes, join Gregor Suttie as he is joined by well….. me! John Lunn.

This episode of Jonnychipz In Conversation with’ will be released multiplatform on Azureish Live ( Jonnychipz Twitch ( my Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube simultaneously and its a great episode that you can’t miss! Join us at 6.30pm (GMT) on Friday 24th December 2021

Gregor kindly offered to host an episode of #InConvoWith with me as the guest, where we talk about my background and entry into Tech, along with my highlights of the year and how I got started with Community.

I was really taken aback by the awesome message from so many brilliant community members, thank you so much to each and every person.

I have been fortunate enough to be joined by over 50 guests since January 2021 and to say I am blessed to have been able to have a conversation with each and every one of you is an understatement. I can honestly say that every guest I have had on the show is simply amazing and is doing brilliant things for the community as well, so please do take the opportunity to check out all the amazing guests in the link below.

Huge thanks to Gregor for not recording this with me just once, but twice! Giving up his valuable time due to a technical glitch that I didn’t spot during the first recording! Just shows you the kind of people that make up the ever amazing #CloudFamily

Useful Links:

If you cant make the live stream then you can catch the replay on my YouTube Channel, please don’t forget to like and subscribe!

In Conversation with John Lunn – December 2021

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