Jonnychipz – In Conversation with Jan De Dobbeleer – Festive Tech Calendar 2021 – Ho Ho ‘Oh My Posh’

Join John Lunn aka Jonnychipz as he is joined Oh My Posh Creative Genius Jan De Dobbeleer.

This episode of Jonnychipz In Conversation with’ will be released multiplatform on Azureish Live ( Jonnychipz Twitch ( my Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube simultaneously and its a great episode that you can’t miss! Join us at 7.00pm (GMT) on Friday 3rd December 2021

This Episode was recorded for the fantastic Festive Tech Calendar Event throughout the month of December, please don’t forget to click on the link and go and visit/support all the other fantastic community contributions!

We are raising money for Girls Who Code who have a huge international presence in hopes to inspire the next generation of girls. The technical community lost someone special, Abel Wang. Abel loved to code and had a passion for this charity. 

In honor of Abel, we are asking everyone to help support our cause in raising money for Girls Who Code! – DONATE NOW!

Jan joins John to discuss creating an amazing customised Festive theme for his Windows Terminal. In this episode, Jan talks about his starts into Tech as well as how the fantastic Theme engine Oh My Posh came to be. This festive themed episode talks through the set up, configuration and usage of the Theme Engine Oh My Posh.

We delve into some of the more under utilised areas and new features such as Transient Prompt and rPrompt as well as how to get started with customising your own theme and contributing this to the deployment.

Huge thanks to Jan for taking the time to walk me through this implementation and I do hope we have inspired you to create your own themed prompt! Or check out the FestiveTechCalendar Theme in the repo!!

Useful Links:

If you cant make the live stream then you can catch the replay on my YouTube Channel, please don’t forget to like and subscribe!

In Conversation with Jan De Dobbeleer – December 2021

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