A Flight into IoT – Microsoft Tech Days Event

So over the past few weeks I have been working behind the scenes with a fantastic group of community folk and Microsoft for a Tech Days Event.

The point is in order to realise an end to end IoT solution based on sending flight data from a small ESP32 microcontroller device running nanoFramework C# .Net code, via IoT Hub in Azure and onto services like Service Bus and Logic App for Alerting, Time Series Insights for fast insight data on timestamped data metrics. Then finally via Azure Stream Analytics into Power BI for visualisation.

The event was simply fantastic to be part of from my perspective and to have working with such amazing Microsoft and community people , I had a lot of fun.

Big thanks to Peter, Cliff, Jose, Sander, Maria-Anastasia, Jurgen, Gosia, Adam and the team from Microsoft.

The event was a real time flight from London Heathrow to Budapest, tracking the flight statistics and metrics along the route. Using each section to describe the technology solutions utilised to complete the solution.

The event can be watch on demand in its entirety here: aka.ms/techdays/iot

Some images from the evet:

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