Jonnychipz Weekly # 33 – Holiday

Week 33 of my Jonnychipz weekly VLOG, covering the Last Week of Azure News and Updates, Welsh Azure User Group News and some great Community Callouts. Live at 12.30pm BST 13.08.21. on my YouTube channel (Click the link below!)

This week I delve into the Azure Updates of the week highlight some key community activity that has caught my eye over the last week and of course talk about events and things I have going on myself! This weeks Azure News is brought to you by my roving community Reporters: Maria-Anastasia Moustaka, Karl Cooke, Dean Ellerby, Dan Stradling, Chris Wright and Simon Lee.

I base my Community Call outs around the people / companies or tech areas that have caught my eye over the last week! Some community shout outs for this week include:

@chriswazure @wvdlogix @wvdtechfest @m3rtyeter @wmatthyssen @gregor_suttie @mayalhajri2 @sajidcloud @bradcug @mrcoups @dwaynencloud @shabazdarr @azroundtable @mariamou_7 @smoon_lee @_dan_stradling @karl_itnerd

Thank you for everyone’s fantastic contributions to the community!

Jonnychipz Weekly # 33 – Holiday – 13.08.2021

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