Community Champion – Feb 2021

Just a short blog post to mark my huge appreciation to the team for bestowing this genuine surprise and honour to me.

I know it sounds modest and maybe a bit ‘cliché’ but I can honestly say that this accolade was a genuine shock and thrill to me and I am truly humbled by the fact that the Azure Cloud Community feels that I am worthy of this gesture.

Read the full post here: Community Champion – February 2021 :: Cloud Family

Over the last many months I have met and spoken with (virtually) a huge amount of absolubtely brilliant Community people from such a wide range of backgrounds and experiences literally across the globe.

I have been supported by complete strangers who I would now class as genuine friends…… I know it may sound strange to some people, but the common goal of Cloud computing may not appeal to most, but wow, when you find a group of like minded people, its amazing how much of a friendship and mutual interest you can foster.

I have hear the phrase, to be successful you need to surround yourself with people who are better than you, and to be frank, this is exactly what has happened. Everyone I have spoken with since facing the Community a bit more, from all my new friends accross twitterland, to those of you I speak with on a more regular basis, all the guests I have had on my YouTube channel, my awesome colleagues and last but not least my amazing and understanding family, I have simply been supported to achieve something that I have found incredibly fun and rewarding.

My rewards have been the knowledge I have gained, the friendships that I have forged in such a short space of time.

I truly thank everyone of you that has liked my rambling posts or videos, that has shared my posts or interacted with me on social media, that has asked me to speak at an event or live stream. To those people that watch my content and offer comments, thank you, I need that, this is all a work in progress for me and I am enjoying the journey so far!

If I can help or assist anyone with anything of a similar nature then please reach out!!



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