Jonnychipz – In Conversation with Liam Gulliver

John is joined by DevOps consultant Liam Gulliver in this episode of ‘In Conversation with…’ where discussions around the perception of DevOps as well as navigating around the plethora of technologies to choose form in the dev and ops worlds! We cover a huge amount of ground in this talk but all centred around helping you and your business bridge the void of understanding towards the modern skills needed to be successful in todays Hybrid Cloud world!

Liam is passionate about the tech industry and software engineering in all aspects, with my main focus these days being DevOps and transforming organisations to be able to ship more value, faster, safer and with happier teams. He loves to give back to the community through the podcast he co-hosts (Agile Engineering Podcast), the live show(s) he helps to create and run (Azureish Live), his blog and the meetup he co-founded and co-organise (DevOps Notts). Check out the links below and don’t forget to follow!

In Conversation with Liam GulliverJan 2021

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