Jonnychipz – In Conversation with… Dean Ellerby

Hey everyone thanks for taking the time to read my new blog post.

As part of my new series of YouTube Content in 2021, as well as my ‘Jonnychipz Weekly’ videos, I am looking to start up an ‘In Conversation with….’ series, where I get to have a chat with like minded IT Pros, brilliant Developers and inspiring Business leaders, to understand their view of Cloud and hat their experience or valuable tips for dealing with the constant pace of change is that we are all aware of!

This is the first of the series, and I am hugely grateful to be able to have a chat with a great friend and colleague of mine Dean Ellerby (@dean_ellerby). In this video we talk Careers, Upskilling, Keeping up with the pace of change, and take a look under the hood of how Dean sees the Cloud Journey we hear so much about, how Deans IT Career has progressed and what he has had to do to keep up with the pace of change.

You can follow Deans Blog at: to see more around Microsoft 365 and Modern Desktop hints and tips as well as follow Dean on his #100DaysOfCloud Challenge.

Massive thank you to Dean for what I think was a very open and candid video about the trials and tribulations as well as the vision Dean has for keeping his skills in a place that suits him.

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In Conversation with Dean EllerbyJan 2021

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