JonnyChipz – Welcome to the world of blogging!!!

So…. Blogging….. This is new to me!

ok so with my new found blogging site what am I going to share with the world?! Not sure yet, let’s see if I get time!

passion….. My passion is my family….. My music….. My IT.

i have Facebook to blog about my family, bit too old to worry about my climb to international rock star fame now….. But you can check out if you like!!!

So that leaves IT…… Ok so hello world! My name is John, I currently work at a Tech Architect for BT and specialise in Unified Comms and Core Infrastructure.

Over the past several years I have worked on various projects covering SME’s through to blue chip international corp’s for a wide range of technologies.

My main passion surrounds the Microsoft Unified Comms stack…. Exchange….. Lync…… O365……. And onto MS core infrastructure services from NT through to 2012 R2.

I have spent many an hour setting up, installing, configuring, breaking, troubleshooting, developing all sorts of things that would send all but the hardcore techie into a glazed head spin, so I think it’s time for me to blog some of these configs out to aid with the communities understanding of what (to me) at the time were quite complicated problems.

So watch this space and look out for some tech blogs over the coming weeks.

Feel free to post any comments but make sure they are nice 🙂

For now….


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