Jonnychipz – In Conversation with Sam Rowe

Join John Lunn aka Jonnychipz as he is joined by Microsoft Cloud Solutions Architect Mr Samuel Rowe.

This episode of Jonnychipz In Conversation with’ will be released multiplatform on Azureish Live ( Jonnychipz Twitch ( my Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube simultaneously and its a great episode that you can’t miss! Join us at 6.30pm (BST) on Friday 10th September 2021

In this episode Sam talks us through some cool new technology features from Microsoft, namely GitHub Codespaces and AI Pair Programming with Github Copilot and what these may mean for the concept of Developer Velocity. We discuss how AI is being utilised to aid the development of code and what this may mean for the future of software and infrastructure development and deployment.

Really insightful chat with demos as well, so please do join in on the chat and let us know what you think of these cool new tech options.

Huge thanks to Sam for joining me on this episode for a glimpse into the future!

Useful Links:

If you cant make the live stream then you can catch the replay on my YouTube Channel, please don’t forget to like and subscribe!

In Conversation with Sam Rowe – September 2021

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