Welsh Azure User Group August 2021 Meet Up!

It was the day of our Welsh Azure User Group #WAUG August 2021 meet up and we had 2 Amazing Lighting Talks as well as a feature Length talk from Servent and the University of Glasgow on their AVD deployment and roll out, Using Azure Sentinel in the Enterprise and a superb discussion around Azure Redis Cache.


6.30pm – Welcome and House Keeping

6.45pm – Servent – Unlocking AVD at Enterprise-scale | University of Glasgow | Customer Success Session

7.30pm – Sasha Kranjac – Practical Guide to Securing your Enterprise with Azure Sentinel

7.50pm – Riccardo Zamana – Azure Cache Redis on Azure: A New rising star with v6?

The evening went superbly and we had great engagement thank you to all that attended!

A recording can be found on my YouTube Channel – CloudTalk with Jonnychipz

Thanks to all the speakers and to all the attendees!

Slide Decks can be found at our Git Hub Repo:


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Next Event 29th September 2021

IN PERSON as well as a Virtual Event! RSVP Here: https://www.meetup.com/MSFT-Stack/events/280069812/

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