Welsh Azure User Group June 2021 Meet Up!

It was the day of our Welsh Azure User Group #WAUG June 2021 meet up and we had 3 Amazing Lighting Talks as well as a feature Length talk which gave us some great information around Using Ephemeral Disks with AVS, Azure Landing Zones and the IaaS Extension for SQL Servers, as well as an amazing overview of Azure Sentinel.

6.30pm – Welcome and House Keeping
6.45pm – Bas van Kaam- Ephemeral OS Disks and the WVD use-case
7.00pm – Jake Walsh – Why you need an Azure Landing Zone
7.15pm – Mark Jones – Bringing the best of Azure closer to your SQL Servers on VM with the SQL IaaS Extension

7.30pm – Clive Watson – Azure Sentinel Overview
8.15pm – Quiz time!
8.30pm – Approximate Close!

The evening went superbly and we had great engagement thank you to all that attended!

A recording can be found on my YouTube Channel – CloudTalk with Jonnychipz

Thanks to all the speakers and to all the attendees!

Slide Decks can be found at our Git Hub Repo:


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Next MeetUp

We really look forward to seeing you at the meet up on 15th July2021 @ 6.30pm you can RSVP here:


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