Is Blogging Dead?

Ok so this week I had the great pleasure in joining a live stream panel discussion on Blogging with Sarah Lean @techielass, Shannon Kuehn @shankuehn, Chris Reddington @reddobowen and Jamie Maguire @jamie_maguire1.

Huge thanks to Sarah for the invite, I found this a really fun and interesting topic area to discuss, and hope you find some great pointers in the discussion as well!

It was a great chat where we each talked about our own experiences with blogging, how to get started and what platforms we each utilised to home our Blog sites and some of the reasoning behind our choices.

From Wix, to WordPress, Hugo, to Ghost, or other platforms like Medium, we had all experienced various platforms with both positive and negative points to each as you might expect.

If you are struggling to get started with a Blog, or really can’t work out how to get started then this might be a discussion to watch for you!

Spoiler alert….. No Blogging isn’t dead, find out what we all think below:

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