Jonnychipz – In Conversation with… Martyn Coupland

In this video I had the opportunity to have a chat with the brilliant Mr Martyn Coupland, Azure Architect, MVP, Speaker, Author, Blogger and all round great guy who is working for Ensono in the UK.

During this conversation we discuss the entry point to DevOps in an organisation, and look at how it may be perceived in business who have yet to embrace these methodologies.

Martyn talks us through the Microsoft DevOps software set and wider solutions that when used together enable business to create scalable, secure, reliable and innovative solutions for their business either Cloud Native or Hybrid.

I really enjoyed this conversation with Martyn and hope you all do as well.

Please reach out and follow Martyn on Twitter: @mrcoups and also take a look at the great articles on Martyns Blog site: Home | Martyn Coupland (

In Conversation with Martyn CouplandJan 2021

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