Day[68/100] #100DaysOfCloud – Jonnychipz – Introduction to Python

In my quest to sit the Azure Developer Associate Exam as well as the other IaC involvements that I have been working on with Terraform and Azure DevOps. Part of my 100DaysofCloud Plan was to learn the syntax of a new language. That language of choice is ‘Python’.

My reasoning behind this is for a few reasons.

  • It is an interpreted language and not compiled, which for me brings it more aligned to the scripting world I have lived in for the last few years. This will enable me to run my code in many different environments without too much trouble.
  • I have done a bit of .NET in the past and wanted to introduce what was seen as a ‘Swiss army knife’ of a language.
  • To me Python seems to be mentioned in despatches in a number of situations and environments.

The Python programming language lets you build many types of programs like:

  • Business apps to capture, analyze, and process data.
  • Dynamic web apps that a web browser can access.
  • Games in both 2D and 3D.
  • Financial and scientific apps.
  • Cloud-based apps.
  • Mobile apps.

I have been playing around with some python scripts as of late to interact with my Raspberry Pi and the IoT sensor kit that I have purchased.

I thought it might be worthwhile starting at a basic stage with Python and revisit some early learning Modules.

Introduction to Python

Take your first steps with Python

These modules provide a great grounding and introduction to the language and would highly recommend working through them.

100DaysOfCloud Overview

My Main ReadMe Page is all set up with a bit about me!

The guys at 100DaysofCloud have set up the GitHub repo to be cloned and also have a great repo containing ideas and areas to collaborate on:

My Github Journey tracker can be found here:

Please Watch/Star my repo and feel free to comment of contribute to anything I push! I really look forward to hearing from anyone who is going to jump on the journey around the same time as me! Lets see where I get to in 100 days!

I would encourage others to jump on this journey, I’m not sure that I will be able to commit every day for 100 days, but as long as I can complete 100 days that will be great!

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