Day[48/100] #100DaysOfCloud – Jonnychipz – Weekend Roundup

Hi all, just thought I would use this post as a quick post to round up the weekend as it’s been a real whirlwind, and also to put into perspective my learning angle over the next few days.

Welsh Azure User Group

Welsh Azure User Group Virtual Meet – 12th November 2020 6.30pm all arranged and really looking forward to some great talks on WVD and Logic Apps!!! After all this coming together and announcing our new sponsor of Admiral I did reach out to a few awesome speakers and personalities in the community and within Microsoft and had some really exciting responses.

I can’t announce anything just yet but if all goes to plan then stay tuned and the WAUG may just have a Christmas Present for you all! (Follow:

Learning and Exams

My learnings over the last few weeks have kind of been centred around a few key exams for me to take that are on the horizon, being AZ-400, AZ-204, Terraform Associate and one additional exam that is really interesting but has made me lose the focus on the work I was looking at: PL-200, which is Power Platform Functional Consultant (Beta) exam. I still need to get all these booked in and get some focus time to get them ticked off my list!

Azure DevOps & Terraform

This is certainly an area tat I am uber keen to get productive under. I am working with a few colleagues specifically looking at these technologies and what they mean to an average IT Ops persons working day! So keen to get some learnings back out into the community on this area specifically!!

Videos & Jonnychipz

Again, some really exciting movements in this area with a few colleagues! (You know who you are!). Really keen to iron out a few technical issues relating to the content creation, but keen to get some recorded content out into the ether with the help of my super talented colleagues! The content we have talked about showcases certain areas of Azure and I really hope I can build this to become a regular feature.

New PC Build

So I have finally bitten the bullet and realised that it is time for a PC Upgrade! My 7 year old HP has been a beast of a machine but I feel its days are numbered, it cant get past 70% CPU without the help of an external fan cooling it down and now a battery end of life message means it has to be on power constantly means its final days may sadly arrive sooner rather than later.

Don’t ask me why (probably because I’m super fussy) but I thought it would be a sensible decision to build my own PC. So I may well carry out a few blog posts covering this build, or I may even just created a video, but to give you an idea of the specs I’ve settled on, this is my kit list with Amazon links:

Ive managed to sneak in a few extras for the studio set up like a Stream Deck and a few monitors! I shall keep everyone updated on my build!

More than happy to answer any questions but have to dash as the door has just been knocked!!! Could this be the first set of deliveries!!!!

100DaysOfCloud Overview

My Main ReadMe Page is all set up with a bit about me!

The guys at 100DaysofCloud have set up the GitHub repo to be cloned and also have a great repo containing ideas and areas to collaborate on:

My Github Journey tracker can be found here:

Please Watch/Star my repo and feel free to comment of contribute to anything I push! I really look forward to hearing from anyone who is going to jump on the journey around the same time as me! Lets see where I get to in 100 days!

I would encourage others to jump on this journey, I’m not sure that I will be able to commit every day for 100 days, but as long as I can complete 100 days that will be great!

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