Feedspot – Jonnychipz.com has been Recognised!

Really chuffed to receive an email today from the Founder of Feedspot.com to say that my Blog has made it into the Top ranking Azure & Cloud Blogs!

Naturally I feel humbled by this as I am still very early in my quest to learn and help the Community as much as I can via my Blog and YouTube!


And then to feature in the Top Cloud Blogs:

Naturally I am really thankful to everyone for reading my ramblings and supporting what I am working on. I have met and spoken with so many influential like minded people who really are at the top of their game and to be listed with some of these people really is hubling!

Thanks to everyone for following my journey, offering encouragement and feedback and generally being really supportive of my endeavours!

I am still under no illusion that there are so many more things to learn and accomplish and its all about the Journey and not the destination!

I really do hope that my blog helps some people in a similar position to me!

Thanks for the support!


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